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#CommunityChaos Challenges

Greetings Agents!   We hope you’re having fun Flying High with the Agency Wingsuit and playing with the Keys to the City – because now it’s time to show us what you can do! Think you’ve got what it takes… Read More

Crackdown Update – Flying High

Greetings Agents! Today we bring you the Flying High update for Crackdown 3 Campaign. In this update you will find an Agency Wingsuit. Take to the skies and compete in Wingsuit races. Bring MORE BOOM to the game with all… Read More

Explosive Updates to Crackdown 3

Listen up Agents! Today, we’re happy to deliver two updates to Crackdown 3. First, we’re giving you the KEYS TO THE CITY! This Campaign update exposes a deep menu of tools and cheats, including: AGENT ABILITIES. Raise your Skills and… Read More

Dev Update 4!

Hey Agents,   We’ve got a new video update for you all! Check it out below for all of the info! Yep, you heard us right Agents, Keys to the City will be coming in a future update, and CD2… Read More

Dev Update 3 & New Content Update

Hello Agents, We’ve got exciting news! The latest Content Update for Crackdown 3 is live now, and it includes some of your most requested fixes! Below you’ll find another update video from the team and patch notes for this update… Read More

Dev Update 2!

Greetings Agents, We’re here with another update! There’s a lot more detail in the video below, but here are the highlights: We’ve heard your feedback and are working to get the high priority issues—Wrecking Zone Party support, Campaign saved games,… Read More

Launch Day Update!

Greetings Agents, We’re really happy to see so many people jumping into Crackdown 3 and having fun. But we’ve been listening closely to your feedback and wanted to give you an update on three main issues: Xbox party support, Campaign… Read More

Crackdown 3 is Here!

Greetings Agents, It’s BOOM time – Crackdown 3 has launched! We couldn’t be more excited to have you join the ranks of the Agency’s finest. Together we can liberate New Providence and take down the TerraNova Corporation. Or if you’d… Read More